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Early access $0: Multi-team

We are currently conducting an early access program. The early access program is free, and you can enjoy features equivalent to the Multi-team plan at no cost.
Ideal for individuals exploring Codatum’s basic analytics features
Up to 1 editor
The Personal plan includes:
  • Up to 10 notebooks
  • 1 editor
  • Up to 5 viewers
Best for small teams, enhancing collaboration with chat support and private notebooks
$24per editor/mo (Pay yearly)
$120/mo starting rate (5 editors)
Everything in Personal, plus:
  • Up to 200 notebooks
  • Up to 100 viewers
  • Up to 100 guests
  • Private notebook
  • Report
Optimized for larger organizations, providing enhanced permission management
$36per editor/mo (Pay yearly)
$540/mo starting rate (15 editors)
Everything in Team, plus:
  • Up to 600 notebooks
  • Up to 300 viewers
  • Up to 300 guests
  • Group (permission)
  • Audit log
Our premium solution with dedicated support for large-scale data management
Everything in Multi-team, plus:
  • Unlimited notebooks
  • Custom editors
  • Custom viewers
  • Custom guest
  • Dedicated success manager

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Personal$0Up to 1 editor
Team$24per editor/mo (Pay yearly)$120/mo starting rate
Multi-team$36per editor/mo (Pay yearly)$540/mo starting rate

Users who can create, edit, and delete various resources.

Note: Resources: Notebooks, Reports, Connections, Queries, and Catalogs.

5 (included)
15 (included)

Users who have the permission to view various resources.

Up to 5
Up to 100
Up to 300

Users granted access solely to view Reports.

Up to 100
Up to 300
Group (permission)

A collection of users organized together to control resource access, including viewing and editing permissions.

Up to 30
Audit log

A record tracking user activities and changes within the system for security and compliance purposes.

Chat support

Users can receive asynchronous support directly from the administration panel.

Dedicated success manager

A personal expert assigned to ensure your organization achieves its desired outcomes with the platform.


A core feature of Codatum, allowing intuitive and swift analysis through keyboard interface manipulation of SQL Blocks and Chart Blocks.

Up to 10
Up to 200
Up to 600
Notebook (Workspace)

Notebooks shared across the entire workspace.

Notebook (Private)

Notebooks visible and editable only by the individual owner.

Notebook (Shared)

Notebooks directly shared with specific users or groups.


A designated space for storing Notebooks accessible by certain users or groups.

Up to 30

Notebooks have a version-saving feature. There are two types of versions: one that is manually named and saved, and another that is automatically saved every hour if there are changes.

Note: You can also restore a Notebook from a version and return it to an editable state.

Version history
Manual: 20versions
Auto: 20versions
Manual: 20versions
Auto: 20versions
Manual: 20versions
Auto: 20versions

A folder tree for organizing and managing Notebooks.

Doc Page

A page where you can write vertically in a WYSIWYG format.

Grid Page

A page that allows for the beautiful arrangement of Chart Blocks and other elements on a grid.

SQL Editor
SQL parameter
Visual explorer + pivot

A feature where you can register authentication information for connections to various data warehouses.

Up to 3
Up to 10
Up to 30
Private connection

A connection intended for individual use.

Protected connection

A connection that can be shared with specific users or groups.

Note: In Notebooks or Queries, access to execute or view the queries is restricted unless users have the necessary Connection permissions, regardless of whether they have viewing rights for the Notebook or Query. However, for Reports, these restrictions can be controlled independently on a per-Report basis.

Table schema imported

The maximum number of tables that can be imported for each connection.

Table schema sync interval (background)

Frequency at which table metadata is retrieved and updated in the background.

Note: You can also request a manual sync, which will be executed immediately.

Type: Bigquery
Type: Other Datawarehouse
We are collecting requests for various data warehouses

Create, save, manage, and preview complex SQL, and reuse it in other resources such as Notebooks.

Up to 10
Up to 100
Up to 300
Catalog (Annotation)

Allows registration of Tables and Queries, and enables annotation of Fields with tags or text. Highlight and manage critical data for easier discovery and utilization, enhancing shareability and accessibility.

Cross search

Enables field-level cross-search across Notebooks, Queries, and dataset data.


Share Notebook contents with individuals who don't have viewing or editing permissions to gather feedback. Embed data specific to the time of sharing to receive comments on that particular snapshot.

Note: Viewing Reports is free for Guest users, enabling you to expand your audience of view-only users at no extra cost.

Realtime collaborative

Docs and Grids support real-time co-editing by multiple users.


In Notebooks and Reports, comments can be made on any block.


In Notebooks and Reports, you can create blocks that manipulate data using Parameters.

Note: In Notebooks, Parameters are synchronized in real-time among multiple users. In Reports (and the Version feature of Notebooks), Parameters are treated individually for each person.

AI Support
SQL Assistant

Inform the LLM about the SQL you wish to write, and based on the Table Schema information and Catalog details registered in Codatum, it will suggest the optimal SQL, execute it, and retrieve the data for you.


We are considering moving to a paid plan in July 2024. At that time, you will need to register payment information or downgrade to the Personal Plan.
Generally, it can be used indefinitely, but accounts not in use may be deleted after notification.
Please use your data warehouse and only register your authentication information to codatum.
No specific plans yet. We are currently optimizing for BigQuery to improve user experience. However, we are developing in a pluggable manner, making it easier to support additional data warehouses in the future.
Not currently, but we are considering adding Python support in the future.
No, not at this time. We plan to establish one in the future.
Not yet. We are considering obtaining them in the future.

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