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Intuitive data analysis software

Software can be developed and improved rapidly, tapping into its vast potential. This capability enables us to create new things easily. AI and ML are advancing quickly. Yet, the key lies in the software behind their creation process—how data is fed and how engineers are involved in problem design.

The focus is on how to closely integrate "data" with the "algorithms" or "code" handling it. Software that makes data analysis as intuitive as using a familiar pen is essential. We aim to tackle these challenges with sincerity.

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"code" + "datum" codatum combines "Code," "Data," and the spirit of "Collaboration.” codatum combines "Code," "Data," and "Collaboration," echoing "Cordatum" for a heart-centered approach to innovation.

Meet the team

Naoki Shibayama
Naoki ShibayamaFounder & CEO
Takehiko Iwakawa
Takehiko IwakawaEngineer
Masafumi Osogoe
Masafumi OsogoeEngineer
Kazuki Takahashi
Kazuki TakahashiDesigner
Tatsuya Monoi
Tatsuya MonoiEngineer
Hideyuki Okada
Hideyuki OkadaEngineer
Tomoya Koike
Tomoya KoikeEngineer & More
Shinobu Miyahara
Shinobu MiyaharaOutside Advisor

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Development and provision of SaaS such as the CX platform KARTE and DX support for companies, organizations and municipalities through professional services

Company overview

Company nameCodatum Inc.
EstablishedOctober 2, 2023
Founder & CEONaoki Shibayama
Business overviewSales and development of data analysis software
Head officeGinza SIX 10F, Ginza 6-10-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

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